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The Vineyards of the Colmar Hillsides

Our family winery, passed down from father to daughter, is located in the heart of Alsace at the edge of the Colmar hillsides. Our philosophy is to produce pure, authentic wines that are an expression of their terroir.

This picturesque landscape, so highly praised for its beauty, is also a viticultural treasure.

To illustrate our commitment and the quality of our work, we signed the Independent Winemaker`s Charter. It is the indicator of rigorous standards; the emblem of an independent viticulture that is enriched by the diversity of its terroir, climate, and expertise.

By calling ourselves Independent Winemakers, we are accountable for upholding our values: responsibility, commitment and professionalism.
responsabilité, engagement, professionnalisme.

  • Respects his terroir,
  • Works his vineyards,
  • Harvests his grapes
  • Turns his grapes into wine,
  • Bottles it in his production cellar,
  • Markets his products,
  • Perfects his methods in accordance with tradition,
  • Hosts, guides tastings, and enjoys presenting the fruit of his labor and culture.

Our Wines

“A little glass of Alsatian wine is like a summer dress or a spring flower; it is the ray of sunshine that brightens life.”
Quote from famous fashion designer Christian Dior.

Our wines, whose reputation is well-earned, are the culmination of a convergence between terroir, vine, and winemaker.


8 rue Saint-Michel


Vigneron indépendant

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. À consommer avec modération. Mentions légales

Horaires d'ouverture

  • Semaine : 8h - 12h et 14h - 18h

  • Samedi : 8h - 12h et 14h - 17h

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